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Bandera sells a SmartFlex® Bio line to a French converter

News 15.08.2017
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Last year, French authorities enacted a new law that bars the usage of PE-based, that is, non-biodegradable disposable bags made of film thinner than 50 μm. Following this decision, a film converter from France opted for getting a SmartFlex® Bio line by Bandera. This blown film equipment enables the manufacture of compostable bags essentially from bio-based plastics.

Bandera is known for its strong commitment to green responsibility. The company partners oftentimes with producers of eco-friendly plastic materials. Bandera's film production machinery for plant-based polymers such as PLA and cornstarch is in demand, particularly among European converters.

The extrusion line, ready to be commissioned in the region of Rhône-Alpes, is highly flexible as it enables the production of not only decomposable but also shrink, lamination and general-purpose packaging film. SmartFlex® Bio can deliver up to 400 kg/h of trimmed, 15...200 μm thick films with net layflat as large as 2200 mm, using a die head with a diameter of 300 mm.

The principal parts of the extrusion line in question are as follows:

• Batch dosing unit for a maximum of 12 ingredients
• One Ø65 + two Ø50 extruder barrels for core and outer layers, respectively
• Three-layer die for coextrusion with Ø180 and Ø300 dies + IBC unit
• Highly efficient, double-lip cooling air ring
• Automated system for thickness monitoring and fine-tuning
• Two cages for film bubble guidance
• Rotating haul-off (roller width: 2400 mm) + gusseting boards + tower frame
• Flattening rollers + wooden slats + pneumatic drive for alternate insertion when necessary
• Web centering guide
• Twin-station winder, offering two working modes (combined and surface)
• IoE – Internet of Extrusion® proprietary software


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