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Low-sagging HDPE from SABIC: For large industrial pipes

News 10.08.2017

Recently, SABIC, a diversified Saudi producer of metals, plastics, additives and fertilizers, has launched innovative low-sagging high-density polyethylene pipe grade, SABIC® HDPE P6006LS. The product brings increased wall thickness stability to the manufacturers of large-sized pipes intended for industrial water supply, utility systems in megalopolises, or sea outfalls.

Until today, large-sized, thick-walled industrial pipes have been the most often made of steel or reinforced concrete. However, innovative resin grades enable manufacturing of large diameter pipes that are totally on par with concrete or steel ones. The new HDPE fits notably largescale mining: both water and slurry have to be continually supplied and drawn off at mining sites at high rates. Particular applications include directional drilling rigs, or water desalination equipment.

The new HDPE product, based on a cutting-edge multi-reactor technology, is PE112 certified by accredited laboratories. Extruded pipe sagging has been drastically reduced, which means the resin complies particularly well with the requirements of large-sized pipe applications, preventing wall thickness loss. Another benefit is that the new HDPE is extruded with increased power efficiency.

SABIC's incessant R&D work contributes greatly to making the transportation of liquids and gases safer and more sustainable across the world.


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