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Stacking robot innovation for ACF thermoforming equipment

News 13.07.2017

AMUT-COMI is the division of AMUT GROUP specialising in thermoforming. Its vast range of in- and off-line thermoforming equipment boasts high speed, modularity, robustness and performance. These machines are appreciated in various industries such as food, dairy, fruits and vegetables, floriculture, medical, technical and general-use packaging.

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Today, the ACF thermoforming machine series from AMUT comes equipped with the new stacking robot models providing increased rapidity, precision and reliability.

The K 2016 trade fair in Düsseldorf made professional public discover the ACF machines. Since last October, the series has become for AMUT-COMI a leading one following the positive feedback from both local and international customers. This has been principally thanks to high flexibility of ACF series. For production, this translates in wide choice of raw materials and item designs, increased standardization, high plant performance and reasonable cost.

The technology has been created in-house in order to enhance the performance of every ACF series machine as a better tailored alternative to traditional solutions by competitors.

The innovative stacking robot is a natural evolution of the vertical wall stacker. Two models are available:

– ER2X has a vertical axis for picking up and discharging finished items and a horizontal one for delivering them from the picking station to the stacking unit;
– ER3X has additionally a third rotating (0...180°) axis that helps turning finished items e.g. for A/B stacking, depending on item parameters.

EASY, the operating software, enables robot cycle to be entirely harmonized with all the thermoforming operations. Axis interpolation optimizes item handling all the way from picking up point to the discharge, resulting in speeds up to 40 cycles/min.

The operator benefits from wider flexibility in setting any cycle parameters of the robot thanks to a dedicated, user-friendly EASY screen. The new control system from AMUT-COMI complies with Industry 4.0, being networking- and smart factory-oriented.


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