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Jin Ming: 5-layer film line sold to Pakistan

News 06.07.2017

Pakistan is the second largest market for plastic packaging in South Asia. China has been a main supplier of plastic machinery for Pakistan.

As a global film machine maker, Jinming has sold a 5-layer co-extrusion POF blown film line to Pakistan.

The line is to produce five-layer biaxial oriented heat shrinkable film with A/B/C/D/E structure. It can process material of HomoPP, CopoPP, LLDPE, mLLDPE. Model of the line is MS5R-2700Q, and its max film width reaches to 2400mm.

Max extrusion capacity can be 630kg/h, and max output capacity is 275kg/h under film thickness of 19μm. Film thickness ranges from 11μm to 25μm.

About the company

Jinming Machinery, established in 1987, is recognized as the global leader in supplying plastic film extrusion equipment. Jinming is one of the few leading brands able to provide advanced solutions of Blown Film Lines, Cast Film Lines and Stretch Film Lines. By the end of 2015, the company has supported customers from over 40 countries with thousands of proven machine lines and services.


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