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Braskem unveils new shrink/stretch film polymer materials

News 19.04.2017

Braskem, the leading supplier of thermoplastics in the New World, has showcased solutions to the Brazilian market at Feiplastic, the largest polymer industry trade show in Latin America, held in April 2017 in São Paulo. The displayed products are essentially polyethylene grades for producing shrink films. The shrink/stretch film market makes up to 25 per cent of the total demand for PE in the Brazilian flexible segment.

Boasting high mechanical strength, transparency and productivity, the new solutions leverage valuable properties of both HDPE and LDPE, e.g. Braskem Proxess material series. The new competitive products are chiefly intended for the food & beverage market, namely for protection/insulation, secondary packaging, transportation safety and integrity, product storage and distribution.

Another showcased PE polymer was Braskem Flexus Cling, developed with stretch film extrusion in mind. Films are extensively used by various industries for cargo protection during transportation. The new resin represents Braskem Flexus PE product series, standing out for increased load retention and exceptional grip, even at low temperatures. Flexus line resins offer impact and drilling resistance coupled with flexibility, providing customers with required safety and efficient cargo transportation/handling.

Marcelo Neves, head of Flexible PE Application Engineering at Braskem, declared: "Innovation is one of Braskem's main commitments and a competitive advantage for the Brazilian plastic industry. The new film resins show once again our ability to identify opportunities in the market and seek the most efficient and competitive solutions for our customers."


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