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Trex LLDPE pellets: Now ICC certified

News 02.03.2017

A top manufacturer of recycled linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) pellets, Trex commits itself to providing customers with sustainable, quality products. This is why the company filed for certification of Trex Cardinal™ and Spartan™ grades of LLDPE pellets with the International Code Council (ICC) and achieved it recently. The certification means that both polyethylene grades are made of 100% recycled post-consumer waste.

Dave Heglas, senior director of material resources for Trex, thus commented on this accomplishment: "Our LLDPE pellets are an ideal material for plastic product manufacturers to incorporate into their manufacturing process as a means of increasing both the recycled content and cost efficiency of their products. With this certification, companies can be assured that using Trex pellets can help meet their recycled content requirements and sustainability goals, while reducing their reliance on virgin and off-spec resin."

Premiered in 2015, LLDPE pellets by Trex are produced from the excess of commercial and post-consumer PE that Trex collects on a regular basis for the production of its renowned high-performance composite decking. The pelletized recyclate fits extrusion, injection molding and blown film applications ideally. It is meant for partial substitution of both virgin and off-spec polymers used traditionally for the manufacture of plastic items. Thus, today's processors are able to reduce material costs and uphold a more sustainable resin alternative.

In addition, producers who collaborate with Trex gain from the global equipment and material supply capacity of the company. At present, four lines at its production facility deliver pelletized recyclate, proving once again that Trex is among the top LLPDE pellet suppliers both in the U.S. and beyond its borders.

Dave Heglas continues: "Typically, manufacturers have to rely on multiple sources for plastic pellets, which results in unpredictable quantities and widely varying product characteristics. As one of the country's largest plastic recyclers, Trex is able to deliver the exact quantities and consistent quality processors need at a lower price and with the added convenience of a single-source provider."

Recycled Trex pellets are renowned as optimally fit for producing a wide range of articles, from molded garbage bins or commercial bin bags to irrigation tubing and other specialty extruded and injection-molded items.

The company collaborates enthusiastically with producers across various industries in order to study new opportunities for the use of LLDPE pellets. As a trendsetter, Trex is flexible for any pellet formulation modification that would better meet the specific needs, applications, and color or process requirements. The company readily supports plastic processors in integrating Trex LLDPE pellets into their production.


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