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BST eltromat International at the Tire Technology EXPO 2017

News 06.02.2017

"At Tire Technology EXPO, we want to present us as a competent and strong partner for all our customers. During progressive automation of production processes in tire manufacturing and the rising customer's expectations regarding to the production process, also the requirements for quality assurance systems will increase. For 20 years now, BST eltromat has been a strong and competent, global partner for all leading tire manufacturers, offering highly efficient and yet remarkably low-maintenance systems, especially for quality and process control. So, we can meet all various requirements of our customers", says Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Hamacher, Head of the Business Unit Automation at BST eltromat. On the one hand, customers are buying standard solutions that they can implement quickly and easily in their processes. On the other hand, the company is increasingly being approached by customers with individual demands on web guiding and quality assurance. "More and more of these customers want to network our solutions with each other, and integrate them with solutions from other vendors, to create efficient, fully automated production processes. Again, they are looking for our company's particular competence and practical experience in this respect", explains Hamacher.


Extensive Sensor Portfolio for Web Guiding and Material Inspection

In Hannover, BST eltromat will be presenting an extensive sensor portfolio. So, the company will be showing not only ultrasonic and optical web edge sensors, but also digital sensors.

One highlight will be the multifunctional, extremely versatile CCD CAM 100 line scan camera, which covers large measuring widths without moving parts. BST eltromat will be emphasizing the incomparably simple operation of this high-performance digital sensor. This line scan camera requires neither expert knowledge, nor a laptop with special software for setting the measuring tasks, including the scanning criteria, via the intuitive user prompting system. As a result, it can be integrated in machines equally easily, and also replaced if necessary. "We've simplified this extremely powerful and flexible scanning technology to such an extent that it is very easy to handle, even for inexperienced machine operators," says Torsten Probst, Senior Technical Sales Manager at BST eltromat, summing up the unique features of this digital sensor. BST eltromat designed this high-performance camera not only to meet the demands of web guiding, but also for future inspection solutions, such as automatic running hole detection where the quality of the material webs has previously only been checked at individual points or randomly by point laser triangulation.

The range of sensors from BST eltromat will be completed by the sensor for layer thickness and basis weight measurement from its subsidiary BST ProControl. In Hanover, visitors can get information about a special laser sensor working with the triangulation measuring method and used in textile cord calender for tire production. The laser sensor measures reliably and contactless the thickness of the upper and lower rubber web before these are consolidated together in the textile cord calender. The measurement takes place directly on the roller. With the combination of two sensors it is also possible to measure the thickness of free running materials on textile cord calenders. BST ProControl offers different sensors for quality assurance in tire manufacturing.


Cooperation with Manufacturer of Innovative Laser Systems

BST eltromat has found a strong partner for laser positioning systems: Servolasers from LAP are servo driven systems with movable line lasers, which project laser lines precisely. These laser lines allow the machine operator to adjust the rubber webs correctly at tire building machines. LAP Servolaser are used worldwide for tire manufacturing and now the systems are also applied by BST eltromat. In the future BST eltromat will implement LASERMarker 1000 working with a fixed center laser module and additionally with one or two movable laser modules. The positioning of these movable modules is highly accurate and completely independent in the entire moving range. Moreover, with the high traversing speed up to 1000 mm/sec it is possible to save time. In addition, with a service life of 30.000 hours the diode lasers from LAP are highly durable. The cooperation with LAP allows BST eltromat to expand their product portfolio by laser systems. This allows BST eltromat to meet the customers' demands and requirements regarding the permanently increasing requirements for quality.


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