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The “Drying 4.0” Revolution Begins with Moisture Meter by Moretto

News 26.01.2017
moisture meter box

Moisture Meter forms the final part of the “Drying 4.0” project started by Moretto to create a true closed-loop and precise drying system capable of automatically adapting to changing conditions and optimizing energy consumption. The Moisture Meter project is the culmination of a nearly decades long research and development project conducted by Moretto to revolutionize how companies approach drying for precision and technical applications.

This project represents the cap-stone in Moretto’s continuing quest to meet the requirements laid out by the larger Industry 4.0 initiative. At its core, Moisture Meter is a system of instruments for the detection of the residual moisture content of resin after being treated and before the transformation phase. The system is being targeted for technical applications where precision in confirming the residual moisture content of the production resin is paramount. It is the only device on the market today that is able to provide customers:

  •     In-line process
  •     Real-time control
  •     Certified resin production quality
  •     Optimized energy consumption

Moisture Meter utilizes patented Moretto “Power Peak” technology which allows the system to read the real-time moisture content of both untreated and treated virgin resins.

Moisture Meter is comprised of two components:

  •     BOX = The primary detection instrument, typically mounted on the injection molding machine and under a drying hopper. This unit measures the residual moisture content of the resin after being treated.
  •     MDC = A mountable control interface that allows for control of up to six (6) Moisture Meter devices.

When installed, Moisture Meter is immediately able to provide customers process verification, early warning detection, and certified resin quality. While typically machine mounted under the drying hopper, a variety of additional installation options are also available including both portable and mezzanine mounted configurations.

For customers looking for a complete closed-loop drying solution Moretto also offers the Moisture Meter Plus, which integrates an optional CROWN accessory.  The CROWN unit is mounted on the top of the drying hopper and measures the entering moisture content of the resin before treatment. This powerful combination provides additional integration between the Moisture Meter BOX, CROWN and MDC units and also the installed dryer. By measuring both the incoming and outgoing resin moisture content, Moisture Meter Plus is able to dynamically adapt the dryer parameters to meet the ppm requirements set by the customer.

Moisture Meter and Moisture Meter Plus come available in two models suitable for applications up to 1,500kg/hr. and capable of monitoring a moisture content level (ppm) of between 15 – 3000ppm.

The Moisture Meter project is one of Moretto’s signature OMS&P (Original Moretto Systems & People) products which feature patented technology only available from Moretto.


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