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FocalSpec shows its imaging sensors at MD&M West

News 26.01.2017

FocalSpec shows ist unique 3D Line Confocal Imaging Sensors for non-contact optical measurements at speeds of up to 5,000,000 3D points per second at MD&M West.

The sensors measure surface profiles, 3D dimensions, surface roughness, topography, flatness, layer thickness, seal integrity, burr, parting line, microfluidic channels, etc. at the highest levels of accuracy with exceptional measuring speed. With a resolution of up to 100 nanometers and a scan rate of up to 2.5 kHz FocalSpec LCI Sensors and Systems become powerful tools for medical device OEMs.

This technology, unlike others, can quickly, precisely and reliably measure highly reflective, glossy, matte, mirror-like and transparent surfaces and materials. Curved/angles, high contrast, elastic, soft, porous materials of various colors pose no problem. There is no speckle noise or interference.  The data is direct measurement with no interpolation.  Application examples include, but are not limited to: medical tubing, cables, injection molded medical devices or assemblies, microfluidic devices, pouches and package seals, stamped metal parts, sheets, films, adhesives, wafers, anything requiring micro surface measurement, etc.

We will have on hand our MicroProfiler MP900 for automatic and continuous on-line measurement of surface roughness and detection of roughness/quality deviations of medical tubing, films, strips and extrusions.  The MP900 automatically generates quality reports and statistics of roughness characteristics for entire production runs.  Key benefits include: improved process control, better quality, maximized product output, reduced labor, faster startups and changeovers and easier quality reporting.


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