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Sonner develops new micro-feeder

News 11.01.2017

SS23/ST11 micro-feeder.

The micro-feeder SS23/ST11 will expand Sonner’s seeder series on the low-output end of loss-in-weight feeders.

“Sonner is putting a large effort on research and development, in order to satisfy our customers with their needs, and come up with tailor-made solutions” says Peng Pai, General Manager of Sonner, engineer and head of R&D department. The company invests up to 8% of their sales in this department.

First developed to fit a customer’s requirement to handle very small amounts of compounding material, the device will be further adapted to serve new markets. Currently still in development the finished micro-feeder will sport a slim and compact design, making it ideal for use in laboratory environments and pharmaceutical industries.The output target is as low as 40g/h with high accuracy guaranteed by combining a digital load cell with a redundant screw speed measurement system.


Micro-feeder, screw part.

Motor, gear box and weighing system will form a single integrally closed system ensuring the longevity of the key parts of the machinery and complying with ATEX regulation. The screw and agitator are designed in a way to ensure an easy tool-free assembly with only four self-locking clamps to ensure a secure and rigid connection of the feeding parts. The easy on-off-mechanism allows fast switches between different work modes and provides quick cleaning properties – ultimately reducing idle times.

The feeder should be launched and sold within 2017. “Technical development always gives a lead on the business developments. With this new micro-feeder, Sonner will be able to venture new markets” adds Peng Pai.


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