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VELOX develops new purging compound for up to 50 percent material and time savings

News 08.12.2016

VELOX has introduced a new family of purging compounds to its range that it says can save processors as much as 50 percent in time and money compared to existing products.

The new ‘CleanPlus’ range currently consists of three types for extrusion lines, as well as in injection moulding machines and is suitable for use with polymers including PO, PP, PVC, TPU and TPE.

VELOX says CleanPlus not only helps to carry out quicker colour and material change and flush out old deposits, but is also very well suited for machinery shutdowns (sealing) and therefore protecting the screw from corrosion. This, says the company, enables a trouble-free production start-up with significantly less waste.

“With CleanPlus we are pleased to have developed an absolutely efficient and cost-effective solution for the problems in plastics production. Our 20 years’ experience in the area of purge compounds has helped us to develop a product that saves the customer up to 50 percent of time and material - and thus a lot of money,” explained Enno Stapel, Product Manager at VELOX.

The new compound is ready to use, so no mixing or predrying is necessary. It is not abrasive and is safe to handle for both man and machine.

VELOX says CleanPlus is also helpful for faster cooling down of the extrusion line, allows easier pulling of the screw and does not stick to the metal.

“After tests our new compound has been rated as excellent by our customers – we are very pleased about this and it confirms our ambitions to take on and solve the problems in production. We would like our customers to manufacture - it is better if our compounds do the cleaning,” Stapel concluded.

Tags: #Raw materials, #Velox, #Compound, #PE, #PP, #PU, #PVC, #TPE


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