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Extrusion 6-2018

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Amut showed its products at K 2016

News 15.11.2016


Stretch film line that produces 1 km of stretch per minute

A 7-layer cast film line equipped with robotized Palletizer for Rolls & for Rolls-in-box. The cast stretch film line is a modern performing and compact line, designed for “super power” stretching requirements that includes several outstanding features:
- A new high speed automatic turret winder that, thanks to refined mechanics, can reach a production speed of 1000 m/min, producing rolls of excellent quality (square edges and no tail) even for very thin films;
- A group of newly designed extruders, adopting the philosophy of “higher r.p.m., longer L/D ratio and higher homogenization/output”;
- A newly designed Twin-Chill-Roll with incomparable mild-cooling capacity at high speed, for
excellent frost line control.

The model line FCL 7 – 2000 ADB consists of:
- 7 layers (6 extruders) film formulation, up to 1600 kg/hour net output;
- New generation of extruders 40 L/D, designed for low-energy consumption;
- 2 meter net width (4-up) for production of hand and machine rolls;
- 3 levels vertical lay-out for floor space savings;
- Automatic die model Nordson EDI Autoflex and X-ray gauge controller;
- Twin type chill roll, for perfect control of the frost line;
- In-line trims reprocessing with orbital mixer/intruder;
- Automatic 4 shafts turret winder with auto re-coring and cores storage;
- Automatic in-line box palletizer with box opening, rolls packing and box closing for machine rolls and hand rolls;
- New Hi-Tech AMUT DOLCI BIELLONI Logicontrol Supervisor

New blown film line concept

An essentially – modern 3 Layer blown Film Coex section, equipped with New Generation Extruders featuring improved melting & plastification.

The new extrusion section design has been developed for 3 - 5 - 7 layers blown film lines. The new machines are based on a new concept that has the advantage of:

- reducing the energy consumption per kg of production: the energy saving obtained by reducing the size of the extruders and by mounting a new gearboxes generation, water- cooled motors and low shear screws is about 15-20%
- increasing the mixing properties of the screws
- increasing the output per hour: up to 190 Kg/hour for the 48 mm extruder and up to 300 Kg/hour for the 60 mm extruder;
- reducing the floor space
The 3 layer Coex blown section is statically showing 3 extruders with similar philosophy of the cast line, along with a classic cylindric head, adopting the well-known and well reputed “binary- repartition” scheme.

The group is composed by:
- The new generation extruders (2x48 mm and 1x60 mm) with increased output and L/D ratio for better performances;
- 3 layers “Multisplit” head, designed for low resident time and fast cleaning /purge –out properties;
- Automatic cooling ring “Rising type” for effective film thickness control, triple air flux layout, with pre-blowing section (adjustable in height), for enlarged B.U.R. and consistent film output;
- 3 multi-elements gravimetric dosing/feeding groups;
- AMUT DOLCI BIELLONI logicontrol line supervisor.



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