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Online and offline analysis of Pellets and Flakes

News 29.01.2016

SIKORA PURITY CONCEPT X for sample analysis (Image: Sikora)

SIKORA presents its new and pioneering models of the PURITY CONCEPT Systems. With that, the company offers an outlook on the varied potential of its systems for online and offline inspection and analysis of plastic material.
According to the application, the systems are equipped with X-ray technology (X), infrared technology (IR) or optical sensors (V) and can be used for samples during the production in order to find impurities from 50 µm.

Especially interesting are the systems for the manufacture of medical hoses. An essential criterion for hoses of the medical field is the absolute purity of all materials in order to ensure high­est quality for the demanding range of application.

Incoming goods inspection

Sensitive end products require a similar reliable control and processing of the raw materials. The transport of the plastic pellets, which are usually transported in large tanker lorries and ­stored in a silo at the plant, shows ­some weak points for contamination. For example, the discharge from the transport vehicle to the silo offers potential contamination from dust or other impurities a way. Until now, only samples have been checked manually before the material was processed. But even with the utmost care there might be contamination, which cannot be seen by the human eye – metallic and organic contamination inside the pellets/flakes from 50 µm.
Therefore, SIKORA recommends the usage of a PURITY CONCEPT System device for the inspection and analysis with
optical sensors for transparent pellets/flakes and X-ray technology for black pellets/flakes for instance. This is the only way for incoming goods ­inspections to ensure that the raw material already has the desired quality needed for the end product.

Online measurement up to 50 kg throughput

During the processing of high-quality and therefore high-priced XLPE materials it is often not enough to rely only on sample tests. Here it is useful to integrate an online analysis in the production process. For a low throughput up to 50 kg per hour, which is common during the extrusion of medical hoses for example, SIKORA offers the PURITY CONCEPT System with conveyor belt that can easily be integrated in existing lines. Depending on the model, the device inspects pellets and ­flakes with optical sensors or by using X-ray technology for contamination from 50 µm before the material enters the extruder.


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