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UC 36 G2 Corrugator

News 03.05.2016
Unicor Corrugator UC36-frei ucg2

UC 36 G2 (Image: Unicor)

G2 is the name of the latest generation of UNICOR corrugators for manufacturing technical pipes with diameters up to 135 mm. The concept provides pipe manufacturers around the world with utmost quality at unbeatable prices across the
entire life of the system.

UC 36 G2 promises high efficiency
The UC 36 G2 Corrugator lives up to the G2 name. It can achieve production speeds of up to 60 m/min without breaking a sweat. The UC 36 with 80 pairs of mold blocks can reach production outputs for PVC corrugated pipes (cable conduit) of up to 250kg/h.

Achieving new levels of quality and convenience
UNICOR completely redesigned the mold blocks to further optimize the quality of the pipes. Now all four external sides of the mold blocks are uniformly cooled, providing a very uniform heat distribution in the mold blocks. Adjustments have also become a thing of the past thanks to a mechanical allocation solution for the mold blocks. Time-consuming adjustments are therefore completely eliminated.

Components made in Germany
To guarantee a long lifespan for the corrugators with minimal maintenance, UNICOR uses products from German suppliers. Servo motor, gearing, touch display and much more carry the “Made in Germany” seal of quality .
The basic version of the UNICOR UC 36 G2 is equipped with 50 pairs of mold blocks. This can be expanded to 65 or 80 pairs at any time to increase production capacity. The optional vacuum can also enhance the production of corrugated pipes for a wide variety of applications.


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