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Economic Production of Extrusion and Feed Screws

News 26.05.2016
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Using the latest advances in development, Weingärtner has once again succeeded in staying streets ahead of the competition. The new machining center from Weingärtner for the manufacture of complex screw geometries is the next development in the pick-up machine series that has been so effective in the plastics industry.

The new generation of machinery from Weingärtner, optimized for the efficient complete machining of extrusion and feed screws. Due to high demand from our customers, who already used the WeinCAD® screw designer software to manufacture their workpieces on Weingärtner machines, work on this development began a little under a year ago. The challenge was to increase cost-efficiency mainly in the production of "smaller" screws up to approx. 150 mm in diameter.

The machining concept is easy to explain. The pick-up machine series' tried-and-tested workpiece clamping concept with prismatic steady pads, a high-precision, tough headstock, and robust tailstock was combined with the high-performance, flexible machining technology of the mpmc turning and milling centers.

The result is a highly efficient turning and milling machining center for the complete machining of extrusion and feed screws.
The established, end-to-end system, from programming to the finished workpiece, provides great added value for the customers. Existing customers who already use WeinCAD® for their screw production, can use the existing program data for production on the new generation of machinery, saving valuable extra time when programming their pieces.

This machine is available purely as a milling machine or as a turning and milling center with and without tool magazine. A fully encapsulated working space with emulsion fog extraction and barrier-free access to the workpiece, automatic protective doors, and a control terminal that can be moved, rotated, and height-adjusted across the entire length of the machine are included as standard with this machine.

The first machine will be presented live at the Weingärtner Solution Days in Kirchham, Austria from June 1–3, 2016


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