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Moretto Automations for Extrusion

News 26.03.2016


Extrusion is an ever-developing sector whose figures increase year by year. This sector processes about 40 percent of plastic materials in almost all countries.

In order to be closer to this branch and to offer automations dedicated to sheet,
profile and blown sheet extrusion, Moretto S.p.A. extends its product range through Contrex, a company which has operated for 35 years in extrusion.

The products range includes:
    •    Weight and meter control
    •    Blown film thickness control
    •    Automatic thickness control
    •    Loss in weight dosing units for powder and granules
    •    Loss in weight dosing systems up to eight components
    •    Cooling rings
    •    Automatic cooling rings
    •    Integrated control up to 7 layers in a closed loop
    •    Capacitive thickness control
    •    Thickness control on bending panels
    •    Driver take-off
    •    Extruders synchronism (up to 7)
    •    Synchronism with dosing units and single components

Among the solutions for extrusion world there are:

Moretto GRAVICO 400 DGM Moretto neu


DISCOVERY 12T: an innovative high-efficiency automatic multiflow cooling ring with thermal sectorial adjustment enabling an exact and automatic thickness adjustment. The system drastically reduces thickness tolerances along the whole circumference balancing out melt flows. Discovery “gets its head together”, since it compensates possible misalignments through a thermal modulations to obtain a constant bubble thickness and save up to the 12 to 14 percent of raw material. Discovery exploits two cooling flows to control material lengthening in combination with the thermal factor.

EAGLE thickness control completes the equipment by constantly reading the film gauge and drives the lengthening along the whole circumference with less than one percent tolerance.

The NAVIGATOR 9000 supervises the integrated management of the Discovery ring, the dosing unit, the EAGLE sensor and the thermal modulation in a close loop. The whole production control is summarized by Navigator 9000, a 15 inch touch screen where the entire process is displayed. The core of the automation is Navigator 9000, a powerful computer which controls and manages every parameter through a special algorithm named BATCH TIMING SYSTEM, able to automatically start the production in only two minutes. A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD.

GRAMIXO DBK: A continuous gravimetric dosing system with an extruder control very suitable for bubble film production. The advantages of the double eye lid and the Vibration Immunity System patented technology are combined with the advantages deriving from the special “batch timing system” algorithm, allowing a very high reading frequency and an unequalled precision: 4,000 readings per second.

The Vibration Immunity System, the free weighing hopper and the digital technology enables an extreme precision even in presence of high vibrations.

Two weighing cells weigh the material decrease in the mixer and ensure that the extruder correctly observes the schedule with a direct relation and control on the haul-off in order to guarantee the highest precision in the weight/linear metre ratio.
The system is set for up to eight direct dosing units. A powerful microprocessor controls the machine with a 10 inch touch view and makes the operator interface  simple for management activities.

Moretto GRAVICO DLK Moretto neu


The possibility to extract the mixer for production change operations is an important and unique Gramixo feature. Weight/metre control is an essential equipment for a quality process. Gramixo can be connected to a supervising system that allows to control, collect and store data from several plants.

GRAVICO DLK: The Moretto continuous loss in weight dosing system from two to eight stations, a multi component gravimetric dosing system with an automatic weight/linear metre.

Regulation, fitting all continuous cycle systems for plastics processing where a constant component feeding and perfect dosing are required. This operation is independent from the material specific weight and, moreover, process control is constant. The system works by continuous weight loss, self-adaptive to production requests and allowing high savings. Gravico controls the film weight and thickness and adapts the production to the line speed: a simplified interface and a touch screen control make the system easy and flexible. The finely balanced weighing cell, and the advanced electronics allow to manage also complex situations. The system needs no maintenance activities thanks to its simple mechanical concept. The start-up phase is very fast and allows production starts and changes in only two minutes. Extreme modularity and production stability are based on an automatic system and increase productivity and supply repeatability keeping quality constant.

The construction and the working principle guarantee a perfect material mixing avoiding materials and additives stratification. GRAVICO is compatible with MOWIS supervising system.


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