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Hydrocyclone instead of separation tank

News 23.01.2016
Herbold Abb. 3 D Hydrozyklon vs. Trenntank Flowsheet
Flowsheet Herbold Meckesheim<

Herbold Meckesheim has retrofitted several film washing lines by introducing a hydrocyclone separation step instead of an existing separation tank. In any case, the quality of the washed film flakes has considerably been improved, our customers are satisfied with longer service times of the melt filtration unit and they successfully produce thinner film from re-granulate than they used to.

The material from the hydrocyclone separation step is much cleaner, less contamination, fewer foreign bodies, it causes fewer problems during its further treatment and a better price is is realized. Why? The separation tank separates with simple (1 g), the hydrocyclone with multiple gravitational acceleration (18 g). Herbold has a trial plant in their technical lab for tests with your material, too.

“Our decision for two hydrocyclone separation steps from Herbold Meckesheim has paid off.  We said good-bye to separation tanks. The result: longer service times of the screen on the extruder, a much better quality of the film flakes. Cleanness and homogeneity in respect to wood, paper and foreign plastics convince – without any ifs, ands or buts.” That is how Herbold’s customer Jörg Schneeberger, Walter Kunststoffe GmbH (WKR) from Austria put it.

Herbold Meckesheim is a specialist for granulators, shredders, pulverizers, plastcompactors (agglomerators) as well as for complete plants but also for single components for washing, separating and drying contaminated plastics (e.g. bottles, film,batterycases, etc.)


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