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Extrusion 5-2018

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GMA: Experienced extrusion-die manufacturer with own chrome-plating facility


GMA was founded 1989 and is meanwhile one of the largest die manufacturer in the world with whole design and manufacturing process in own hand. More than 120 employees manufacture about 300 extrusion-dies a year for international customers.

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Coextrusion-adapter and extrusion-die for multilayer sheet die with encapsulation

Key points for success are most modern flow simulation methods, state of the art tooling machines and own chrome-plating facility as well as a lot of experience in design for features around extrusion-dies like internal deckling, encapsulation and lip-adjustment.

Extrusion-dies with well calculated melt-flow and absolute uniform die-exit of the melt are designed according rheological data of involved polymers, as well with a state of the art CAE simulation to guarantee a perfect pressure distribution in the flow-channels.

The confluence of different melts in coextrusion-adapters and multi-channel-dies are analysed with VFA (visual flow analyses) systems until it is perfectly matched. These is the prerequisite for multi-layer dies up to 9 layers with encapsulation.

GMA Bild2
Chrome-plating facility for extrusion-dies

Best surface quality is provided by GMA's chrome-plating facility. All the bathes and electrodes are designed especially for chrome-plating of extrusion-dies. Years of experience together with most modern equipment provides uniform chrome-thickness with smallest possible lip radii.

High precision grinding machines (some are installed in separate clean room) manufacture parts within tightest possible tolerances. Some of these tooling machines are such high accurate, that they must be equipped with GPS system to monitor their position of installation.

Production attendant quality controls for straightness and flatness, roughness, thickness of chrome plating, lip radius is comprehensive done and reported. These reports are part of delivery.

GMA Bild1
Extrusion-die with automatic adjustment system from Austrian supplier SBI

These is the prerequisite for manufacturing of extrusion-dies for optical sheet, one of the core competences of GMA.

Extrusion dies for film and extrusion-coating are equipped with internal and external deckling with edge bead reduction.

Automatic extrusion-dies are equipped with "thermal bolt" systems from Austrian manufacturer SBI.

Mainly installed by extrusion-line manufacturers, GMA's products are spread world-wide. GMA starts to build own sales force for Europe.


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