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Moretto: a full range of 4.0 solutions


Today, only one percent of the data collected is used by companies, which may benefit from "machine learning", which improve performance by "learning" from collected and analyzed data per second.

Moretto 4.0 is a smart factory concept that sees machines interconnected by each other and with ERP management software that can capture large masses of data from the production process, process and share them to achieve higher levels of efficiency. A factory that can automatically adapt output to market needs, anticipate breaks or stop machines, contact support for preventive maintenance operations.

With the Moretto 4.0 project, the company offers a wide range of products, solutions and automations for all application areas that can gather information from the field, have the ability to transmit them, receive data, and perform actions with processing capabilities. Today, MORETTO offers a range of Industry 4.0 ready solutions including:

Moisture Meter, in-line resin moisture analyzer

• FEEDING 4.0: ONE WIRE 6 and DOLPHIN transportation systems. From the arrival of material to the company these products take care of the entire conveying process integrating seamlessly with business management systems and providing solutions that independently manage all parameters.

• DRYING 4.0: X MAX and XD 600 series dryers, FLOW MATIK and MOISTURE METER. Together these products ensure polymer treatment is completely under control, managed in a perfect and closed loop that results in tangible quality, and above all, thanks to Moisture Meter, certifiable quality, item by item, batch by batch.

• STORAGE 4.0: SILCONTROL. This storage management system for resin material ensures the integrity of the process by directing each material element to designated storage, such as external and internal silos, bins and storage containers. It continuously manages the data, events, and records of each storage container.

Gramixo, continuous loss-in-weight dosing system

• DOSING 4.0: GRAVIX, GRAMIXO and loss in weight dosing systems. These machines are designed not only to dose but to exchange data in a networked environment, manage machine parameters remotely, run statistics on production, consumption, and costs.

• COOLING 4.0: X COOLER. The new modular and expand able Moretto range of refrigeration and temperature control systems are able to fully integrate into cooling management systems by collecting data directly from consumers.

• SUPERVISING 4.0: MOWIS. This integrated supervision software represents the most comprehensive and secure system for the supervision of processes dedicated to the transformation of plastics, real-time monitoring, and in-depth analysis of increasingly interactive and predictive data and reports. MOWIS is an integrated software package able to give both input and output and it can be managed by remote control. MOWIS is designed to be able to control the entire plant, the complete automation chain, and send the output to the system managing the production in real time.

The Moretto 4.0 project confirms the responsiveness of a company that makes customized manufacturing as its own strength and ready to face the challenge to move the industry from fragmented services to an interconnected supply chain model.


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