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High capacity centrifugal pellet drying from Maag/Gala


High capacity resin producers, engineering companies and OEMs require a single dryer for virgin resins. "After the development of the Model 100 in 2008, based on our proven 48-inch rotor platform, with over 300 running applications, we have continued our R&D work to increase the drying capacity rates of the Model 100," says David Bryan, President and CEO at Gala Industries, a Maag company. "Through full scale testing and continual design adjustments, we have successfully increased the drying capacity of its Model 100 dryer to 150 t/h, processing HDPE with lentoid pellet geometry and melt flow index of 0.35, with moisture below 500 PPM. Future plans include a number of new concepts that will be evolving over the next 12 months."

The Maag/Gala full scale dryer demonstration facility allows customers to see their material being processed at actual rates. This eliminates the risks of small dryer upscaling for larger production rates. Customers can witness a free demo of Model 100 dryer testing the most difficult pellet geometries.

About the company

Gala is a well known manufacturer of centrifugal dryers and underwater pelletizing systems worldwide. The conpany has developed a global reputation for engineering, manufacturing and application expertise across a diverse range of materials. Gala supplies highly customized turnkey pelletizing systems with multiple pelletizers on a single production line, as well as simple compounding lines and laboratory systems. Installations include medical and food grade polymers, hot melt adhesives, color masterbatch and flexible and rigid PVC. Gala recently joined Maag, who is represented in the markets with its brands „Maag Pump & Filtration Systems", „Automatik Scheer Strand Pelletizers", „Gala Automatik Underwater Pelletizers" and „Reduction Pulverizing Systems".


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