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In 2013, Greiner Extrusion developed RED.TOOLING, the tooling system focusing on productivity, profile quality and economization. In line with this achievement and in order to complete the RED.LINE-system product range, post-co-extrusion has also been developed further with the creation of RED.PCE. The RED.PCE unit is compatible with all other Greiner tool­ing types.

The leading edge through user opimization
The clear benefits when using RED.PCE are user optimization on the one hand and increased quality during the production process on the other. The multiple use of PCE dies for different profile geometries allows for a huge saving potential. The mounting system includes a tank with integrated mounting bars. It is continuously adjustable along its length and can be operated from both sides. Mounting of the end suction and sealing plates is fairly straightforward. Cylindrical safety inserts in the sealing plates prevent process interruptions and make the start-up process easier at the same time. The short set-up time has a positive effect when changing the dies, as the heater block with PCE guide stays on the adjustment block. Up to four PCE gaskets including adjustment blocks that are also accessible from both sides can be fitted onto the mounting bars.

The leading edge through increased quality
Using RED.PCE allows the production of gaskets using joined-in and joined-on extrusion. The joined-in gaskets can be exchanged and easily recycled. The joined-on gaskets stand out through optimum adhesion. Two variants of joined-on gaskets can be processed during RED.PCE production: firstly, with the well-known heated-air function and secondly, using the recently developed variant with the pre-heater rail. With the heated-air variant the welding area is heated with an air jet. For this purpose, additional equipment is required such as the heat extension, leister hot air blower, and control box.
The second variant with the contactless pre-heater rail is called RED.PCE plus. With the RED.PCE plus system the joining surface of the carrier profile is heated with the pre-heater rail and the welding surface is extended with an additional blade. After this, the gasket is directly joined onto the carrier profile. This production process distinguishes itself through optimum adhesion and exact positioning to the profile.


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