Extrusion International 5-2023

63 Extrusion International 5/2023 parallel plant lines. The necessary mechanical processing of post-consumer material for subsequent chemical recy- cling on an industrial scale is becoming increasingly im- portant too. Here, Herbold also offers its own solutions for turnkey systems together with Coperion. The Meckesheim-based company meets the growing customer requirements through technical advancements in machine and plant design to increase throughput, du - rability, wear protection and ease of maintenance as well as the purity of the recyclates on the one hand. On the other hand, energy consumption, water usage and per - sonnel requirements are to be reduced as far as possible through efficiency and automation. It is also clear that ever larger recycling lines are driv- ing the demand for production space and manpower at Herbold Meckesheim. Currently, 16,000 square meters are available, distributed among logistics, assembly and technical center. Accordingly, Herbold is constantly look - ing for new employees and talents, whereby the embed - ding in a large, global group of companies facilitates the recruitment of specialists. Herbold Meckesheim GmbH Industriestr. 33, 74909 Meckesheim, Germany www.herbold.com geoTOM ® – The Creation of Digital Tracings with the Information of a Water Canalization Network is Now Possible New technologies and the development of digital tools have facilitated many aspects of our lives. The creation of digital layouts allows a better positioning and maintenance of water pipeline networks, and it is now possible to create them from a smartphone with the geoTOM ® mobile app. W ater is becoming an increasingly scarce and pre- cious resource, which is why it is so important to preserve it and optimize its use to the maximum. Global warming and population growth are putting more and more regions in a situation of water stress where de- mand exceeds supply. In addition, there is a major prob - lem that is contributing to the increase in this stress: wa- ter losses due to leaks. Russia loses more than 1,300,000 million liters of wa - ter per year due to leaks and failures, equivalent to the consumption of almost 18.5 million people. And it is not only a Russian problem, worldwide water losses due to leaks reach 36% of the total available water. This situation generates a problem not only for so- ciety, but also for the environment and it is necessary to take measures to facilitate the repair of these leaks and failures. For this reason, Molecor has developed geoTOM ® , an application that allows to create digital tracings of the piping networks during their installation to geoposition each piece and record its information to facilitate the repair or replacement in case of incidents. What is geoTOM ® ? geoTOM ® is a mobile application designed by Mole- cor to geoposition pipeline networks with all the data of each piece in a simple and intuitive way. The use of the app facilitates the access to technical information of water networks and increases the capacity of control and water management. It allows creating a virtual map with the exact position of each piece in real time and sharing it with other members of the project, digitalizing its infor - mation and accessing it at any time or place. In addition, it offers complete traceability of the prod - ucts manufactured by Molecor and the ability to include the information of those developed by other manufac- turers, regardless of the material. The information of the installation of the piece is stored in the project in real time and allows all participants to access data such as PIPES, SERVICE