Extrusion International 5-2023

50 Extrusion International 5/2023 RECYCLING – COMPANY ANNIVERSARY 60 Years in the Game A strong team that loves a challenge. That’s FIMIC. The company celebrates their first 60 years with a game. It’ll be an unforgettable adventure, learning about the milestones that made them what they are today, as well as what is always in the company's heart: Recycling. A magic box and a special game that will tell the company’s story T o celebrate such an important achievement, FIMIC wants to re - ward those who renew their faith every day, because there’s no one more important than the customers. The company had the idea to create a special box that will tell FIMIC's story, describing the many challenges overcomed and the goals achieved, which over time have made them a leading compa- ny in the plastic recycling technol- ogy industry. Of course, to collect sixty years into a box may seem like an impos- sible task… At FIMIC they have the courage to be bold in groundbreakingways, im - proving the filtration process when it was still fully manual; the desire to think outside the box, continuing to design and build all their products almost completely internally in own facilities; and the strength to em- brace change, removing, even in the face of difficulties, the word “impos - sible” from their vocabulary. That’s how the innovative ma- chines and technologies were cre- ated, the product of Italian crafts - manship, and over time they’ve become synonymous with industry excellence, helping to make me - chanical recycling systems ever more effective and high per- forming. Great many FIMIC installations demonstrate this – especially the melt filters for treating plastic materials – which the company has exported worldwide, taking Italian engi - neering and attention to detail with them wherever they go. The game is packed with gadgets and surprises and you’ll learn lots of fascinating things about the his- tory of FIMIC. Which is, first and foremost, the history of a group. The game will also teach interest- ing facts about recycling, to which FIMIC has always been committed. The mission from the start has been to improve the recyclability of materials in order to reduce pollu- tion. A mission that FIMIC also pur- sues as co-founders of ‘Are You R’, a European project aimed at raising awareness of the importance of re- cycling plastics. And aware of how respect for na- ture and the environment is learned when we are young, the company has published their first children's book: “The magical journey of the Plastic Bottle and RAS-UP” – which will be included in the box. In its long history, FIMIC has grown year after year, partly by listening to the many needs and requests of those oper- ating in this exciting industry. Aware that a company's real growth lies not just in increasing its turnover, the floors of its offices, or the number of employees, but in its capacity to embrace the future with a hunger to discover together how much it still has to offer us. To- day, just like sixty years ago. FIMIC SRL Via Ospitale, 44, 35010 Carmignano di Brenta (PD), Italy www.fimic.it