Extrusion International 5-2023

24 Extrusion International 5/2023 INDUSTRY NEWS New High-Performance Extrusion Line for 5-Layer PE-RT Pipes Presented From 20 to 29 June 2023, the WEBER extrusion division of Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik present- ed a high-performance extrusion line for the production of 5-layer PE-RT pipes with an oxygen bar- rier layer in its pilot plant in Kro- nach, Germany. As a supplement to the well-known WEBER ma- chine technology for cross-linked PEXa pipes, WEBER has expanded its portfolio to meet the increas- ing demand for panel heating pipes with the corresponding ma- chine technology. The new extrusion line was aug- mented by an innovative 5-layer coextrusion tool by ETA Kunst- stofftechnologie GmbH based in Troisdorf, Germany. Outstanding surface quality, low individual layer thicknesses and high output were the focus of the tool development here. The production speed of 70 m/min that could be achieved with the new high-performance ex- trusion line is well above the usual speeds available on the market. A total of 20 plastics processing companies had the opportunity to gain detailed insights into the various line components and the performance of the entire system at six demonstration events. During the six presentation days, sample pipes with an outer diam- eter of 18 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm were produced. Hostalen 4731B PE-RT material was used for the inner and outer layers. The quality of the pipes produced was assessed on site in terms of surface quality and layer distribution and convinced all who were there. The total output of approx. 420 kg/h was the sum of the out- puts of five WEBER single-screw ex - truders. All extruders were linked to form an easy-to-operate system together with the higher-level NEXXT365 line control. This made it possible to implement and demon- strate starting, ramping up to maxi - mum speed and shutting down the line in an simple way. The newly developed coextru- sion tool by ETA facilitates a maxi- mum total throughput of 500 kg/h and the production of pipes with a diameter range between 8 mm and 32 mm. The tool uses circular distributors – a special type of helix mandrels – for distributing the melt of all five plastic layers. These circular distrib- utors ensure short holding times of the polymer melts in the tool, fast colour and material changes, as well as a very even distribution around the entire circumference. This al- lows for reduced layer thicknesses and a pipe wall without mechanical or visual weak points. Thanks to the special geometric design of the flow channels, the extrusion tool has a long service life and is easy to operate. It also offers the possibility of making ad- justments regarding the number of layers and the layer structure. The modular concept allows the integra- tion of various options such as a co- lour striping module, different coat - ings for the flow channel surfaces and an electromechanical centring device. “With the new high-performance extrusion line, WEBER extrusion is setting a new standard in the pro- duction of 5-layer PE-RT pipes,” Robert Frizler, Sales Manager at WEBER extrusion, says. “Our in - novative coextrusion tool delivers outstanding production perfor- mance and first-class quality of the pipes produced. We look forward to presenting the performance of the pilot plant to interested companies again in 2024.” Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH www.hansweber.de/extrusion