Extrusion International 5-2023

20 Extrusion International 5/2023 INDUSTRY NEWS New Executive Board Member The Supervisory Board of SIKORA AG has appointed Holger Lieder to the Executive Board effective Sep- tember 1, 2023. In his new function, Holger Lieder takes over the respon- sibility for the areas of Sales, Mar - keting and Service. As of September last year, Lieder had provisionally taken over the management of the Marketing and Service depart- ments in addition to his position as Sales Director. During this time, he gained a deeper understanding of the two departments and success- fully developed them further. "Holger Lieder has an excellent knowledge of the company and, thanks to his expertise as well as his objective and level-headed manner, he is held in high regard by both our customers and our employees. He has more than 30 years of experience in sales and brings a comprehensive technical understanding of SIKORA technologies and market require- ments. He has contributed to SIKO- RA's growth and success," says Prof. Thomas Sikora, Chairman of the Su - pervisory Board of SIKORA AG. "I would like to thank the Sikora family and the Supervisory Board for the trust they have placed in me. And I would like to thank my col- league in the Executive Board, Dr. Christian Frank, for the positive and trusting discussions, as well as the constructive cooperation over the last several months. I am very much looking forward tomy new responsi- bilities and would like to concentrate above all on continuing to provide our customers with solutions for their needs. We want to expand the market potential and develop our service to further increase customer satisfaction. In doing so, I see open, good communication and coopera- tion at eye level with our partners and employees as the basis for a suc- cessful future," says Holger Lieder. SIKORA AG www.sikora.net Holger Lieder New R5 RA Introduced The proven R5 RA from Busch now comes in an im- proved version with a completely redesigned interior. The new vacuum pump is 25% more energy efficient than its predecessor, thanks to the optimized com - pression ratio, pump stage dimensions, and oil dis - charge path. It is also available with ECOTORQUE, the Busch vari - able speed drive (VSD), that enables the pumping speed to be adapted to the exact requirements of any process. As a result, additional energy savings of up to 50% and a 20% increase in pumping speed can be achieved. The accessory extends the supply voltage range supported by the vacuum pump, making it suit - able for use in almost all countries around the world. This compact and cost-effective solution is also avail- able as a retrofit. Compared to the previous generation, the R5 RA 0520 A has a 20% smaller footprint, is 25% lower in height, and the absence of external piping improves leak tight- ness. The compact and hygienic design features surfac- es that repel water and dirt. The total number of spare parts has been reduced by 40%, making maintenance fast and efficient, with all service-related parts located on one side. Heat emissions have also been decreased through an improved cooling system that combines op- timal pump operating temperature with compact con- struction. The new vacuum pump is made for continuous op- eration in the rough vacuum range with vacuum levels down to 0.1 hPa (mbar). Field tests were successfully carried out to validate performance and reliability. The R5 RA 0520 A and the R5 RA 0520 A ECOTORQUE set a new standard in vacuum technology. The pumps are suitable for various applications in vacuum packag- ing, food and plastics processing, and many other indus - tries. They are an excellent choice for companies look- ing to improve their processes while minimizing energy costs and reducing their environmental impact. Busch Vacuum Solutions www.buschvacuum.com