Extrusion International 5-2023

17 Extrusion International 5/2023 hoch5.com Quality is our Priority Backed by 30 years of experience, CCA develops calibration sleeves for plastic pipe extrusion: – from Ø 12mm up to Ø 2.400mm pipe outside diameter – precisely matched to the production requirements of our international customers Rely on quality „Made in Germany“. www.ccagmbh.de 230523_ CCA_Anz_90x250_KC_RZ.indd 2 24.05.23 09:46 Services Expanded How can customers be optimally served world- wide? Among other approaches, Vecoplan offers a digitalisation concept that it has now expanded to include additional services. The machine manufac- turer is also establishing more branches in selected locations. Jochen Pfeil, Head of the Service Division, knows how customers benefit from these changes. “The control panel plays a special role in the intel - ligent networking of machines and processes, be - cause it’s indispensable for optimal communication between man and machine,” explains Jochen Pfeil, Head of Business Unit Service at Vecoplan. Vecoplan also offers a powerful digitalisation concept with its Vecoplan Smart Center (VSC): One component is the modern communication interface VSC.connect. The integrated, intuitive VSC.control panel is a communi - cationmedium for themachine’s control systemand a live link to the Vecoplan technicians. Vecoplan techni- cians can use the panel to assist employees with oper- ation and service by connecting to the cloud. “When service is required, our experts can use this to check the system and get it up and running again perfectly in more than 80 percent of cases,” promises the Divi - sional Head. Another possibility: With the support of cameras or data glasses, they look over the shoulder of the customer’s service technician on site and help him step by step with the solution. Vecoplan has also created specially developed service tutorials that en- able the customer to optimally prepare for the main- tenance of the machine. Vecoplan already presented this digitalisation con- cept at LIGNA 2019. In the meantime, it has supple - mented its VSC with additional digital services. These include online commissioning, remote service, key performance indicators and access to a media data- base. Users simply need to network their machines us- ing VSC.connect to use these digital services. Vecoplan AG www.vecoplan.com Jochen Pfeil, Head of the Service Division at Vecoplan AG (Surce: Vecoplan AG)