Extrusion International 5-2023

11 Extrusion International 5/2023 “ENSŌ“ IN MIXING looking for perfection in equipment manufacturing for PVC DRY-BLEND, MASTER BATCH, THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER, POWDER COATINGS, METALLIC BONDING and WPC PLAS MEC S.R.L. Via Europa 79, 21015 Lonate Pozzolo (VA) – Italy phone +39 0331 301648 - comm@plasmec.it www.plasmec.it Booth no. 430A Italian Pavilion Waiting foryou! Distribution of High-Quality Regranulates Launched The Swiss distributor Meraxis has partnered with the Danish recyclate manufacturer RC Plast: Meraxis will begin distributing selected RC Plast products in Europe. The distribution portfolio includes high-quality unfilled polypropylene (R-PP), such as that made from recycled fibers for technical applications. The aim of this partner - ship is to make it easier for plastics processors to switch to sustainable recycling material, thanks to both compa - nies’ extensive product and application expertise. “Due to its decades-long experience and reliable sources for materials, RC Plast can guarantee maximum quality and long-term availability,” says Dr Stefan Girs - chik, CEO of Meraxis. “This partnership allows us to further expand our portfolio of high-quality recyclates. As a result, we’re enabling more and more customers to switch to sustainable material alternatives. In the automotive industry, in particular, as well as in the con - struction and packaging sectors, we’re seeing increased demand for high-quality secondary raw materials that require guidance and individual solutions.” In order to promote the development and production of custom- ized applications, Meraxis is contributing not only its distribution network to the partnership, but also its re - search and development expertise. Meraxis Group www.meraxis-group.com Strategic partners, from left to right: Kudret Sanli – Sales Director (Meraxis), Allan Poulsen – Chief Sales Officer (RC Plast), Helle Vingolf – CEO (RC Plast), Elias Uhlig – Research & Development Engineer (Meraxis), Dennis Lyhne – Research & Development Engineer (RC Plast), Andreas von Dorn – Research & Development Engineer (Meraxis)