Extrusion International 1-2024

Made in Germany EXPERTS IN DOWNSTREAM Profile length measurement during extrusion Measuring sensors are used to determine the length of individual profiles before a profile layer is formed. The measured length can be used to check and correct the cutting device of the extrusion line or for documentation (quality assurance) of the produced profile lengths. Cassette spreader With the help of a cassette spreader it is possible to realise the same packing density of the manual packaging. Stacking of special profiles Stein Maschinenbau offers technical solutions for stacking of heavy and large monoblock profiles. Based on decades of experience, we can unusual profile geometries or special layer can be evaluated for their automated stacking. Stein Profile Stacker Anz. Stein Int. Extrusion 05-22:Layout 1 04.05.22 15:56 Seite 1