Extrusion International 1-2021

30 Extrusion International 1/2021 EXTRUSION TECHNOLOGY Bausano, an international leader in the design and production of customized extrusion lines for the transformation of plastic materials, announced the introduction of its next generation lines of twin-screw plastic extruders in the U.S. and Canadianmarkets. With world-renowned “Made in Italy” quality and unrivaled technological innovation, Bausano’s two renewed product lines – MD Plus and MD Nextmover – are best suited for several types of extrusion, pipes, granules, wood plastic composites (WPC), pro fi les andmaterials used in the medical industry Next Generation Lines of Twin-screw Extruders Introduced in the U.S. and Canada Bausano’s twin-screw extruder lines are noteworthy for their unique, patented Multidrive transmission system, a careful study of interpenetrating and counter-rotating screw geometry and the newest motor genera- tions and tools for consumption analysis, all of which combine to deliver high levels of efficiency, durability, reliability and sustain- ability. “Our extrusion lines are the re- sult of advanced engineering that combines innovation with