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MCPowder: High-performance, updated dosing solution

News 31.08.2017
MCPowder: Easy dosing of powders that are not free-flowing

A recent innovation by Movacolor is the improved MCPowder gravimetric unit. Thanks to an additional large stepper motor, the driving torque of the unit is now twice the previous value. The agitator is now driven by a full gear drive train with refined double-lip seals. From now on, the company fits this unit with an intermeshing, double-spiral auger. This enables dosing powders that require special handling at 50 g to 25 kg per hour.

Dosing of powder-like materials is a great deal of challenge, particularly for difficult powders with no free-flowing properties at extremely small dosing rates. This kind of materials requires costly additives, which, in turn, place high demands on precision and reliability.

With a renowned gravimetric technology as a base and taking into account the above considerations, Movacolor has created a low-footprint dosing unit for powders, boasting highly flexible throughput range of 100 g to 40 kg per hour. Even powder-like materials that are pretty challenging can be dosed freely thanks to a twin spiral and an agitated hopper, available for both injection-molding and extrusion machinery.

The new dosing unit can definitely work as a standalone or, if a processor opts for that, be integrated into a Movacolor modular multicomponent system for continuous blending. MCPowder is a solution that keeps processors away from much dosing trouble when working with powders. Let us overview the principal benefits of the system.

• Top precision and robustness: twin-spiral design and stepper motor coupled with the renowned gravimetric technology make unit operation unbeatably precise and reliable, even in harsh working environment.
• User-friendliness: 8-inch full-color touch panel with MCSmart software makes it easy to handle the hopper and trace dosed powders.
• Modular structure: MCPowder is ready for integration in systems for continuous blending by Movacolor.
• Gravimetric/volumetric: MCPowder is offered in both volumetric and gravimetric versions. The volumetric one is fit with a MC18 controller.

MCPowder High Output: Easy heavy-duty dosing of powder materials

Recently, Movacolor has also unveiled a new high-throughput powder dosing unit version for 10...450 kg/h requirements. This unit version, baptized MCPowder High Output, is entirely gravimetric and as robust as its less powerful fellow is. Standard hopper is 25 liters, extensible to 50 liters. The unit can process a vast range of non-free-flowing powders, e.g. chalk and CaCO2. The unit can be used jointly with Movicolor's in-line mixer for perfect dispersion.

The high-throughput dosing unit has a single spiral and an agitator with a heavy-duty three-phase motor drive. The unit relies on two durable load cells. A standard 8-inch touch panel keeps the operation easy.

Just as the base version of the dosing unit, it is all set for integration into a modular continuous-blending system.


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