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Interpack: ALBIS showcasing its Active Packaging solutions

News 19.04.2017

ALBIS PLASTIC is highlighting its Active Packaging solutions for flexible film at Interpack 2017 (booth A08 in hall 7, level 1). Roland Schultz, director of ALBIS PLASTIC for packaging marketing, is confident: "Our SHELFPLUS® O2 oxygen scavenger has made the jump from thermoforming to flexible films. The PE-based masterbatch is used in a laminable PE sealing film and helps improve product quality and shelf life, e.g., in bag-in-box applications for wine. In many markets, for example Scandinavia, it makes it much easier to replace metallized films."

EVOH combined with SHELFPLUS® can substitute for metallization in packaging with equal or increased shelf life and reduced carbon footprint. SHELFPLUS® O2 added to existing BIB films allows for delaying oxidation of a filled product by up to 50 per cent. Schultz to add, "In other words, we can extend shelf life from six to nine months, which is indeed impressive, and represents our contribution to the Save Food Initiative. The scope of this improvement in practice will be determined through comparative filling tests."

Measuring oxygen absorption of active films

Before the start of this year's Interpack, ALBIS collaborated with the Fraunhofer Institute in Freising in order to develop a simple technique of measuring oxygen absorption by films that could be used by customers independently. The technique and the corresponding measurement equipment are another exhibit at the company's Interpack booth.

Plastic-based gas barrier as a substitute for metal

Other than for BIB applications, SHELFPLUS® O2 can as well be used to improve product shelf life in stand-up pouches. The increasingly debated topic of packaging recycling contributed here as well. SHELFPLUS® O2 combined with EVOH or SiOx and AlOx coatings is capable of considerably better oxygen protection. "Of course, conventional stand-up pouches with aluminum gas barriers can be improved as well — especially if the package has a 'spout' that reduces the gas barrier properties of the whole pack," explains Schultz.

ALBIS supplies PP- and PE-based 50µm ABA or ABC sample film rolls with SHELFPLUS® for quick and cost-effective laminating/lining experiments.

Future trends and developments

ALBIS works closely with its customers on developing other active batches such as CO2 absorbers, "detectable masterbatches" for foodstuff films (oil or fruit packaging, etc.) and food or cosmetics fillers.

"We believe that food safety and extended shelf life are areas where we can score big with our products — now more than ever, in fact. Since our masterbatch solutions can be incorporated into packaging, rather than being added separately (like sachets, for example), they represent improvements in terms of package recyclability. Recycling and 'design for recycling' are subjects we want to continue contributing towards," concludes Schultz.


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