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Bandera: maximum flexibility for blown film production

News 11.04.2017

Bandera establishes itself as a worldwide leader in the manufacture of large extrusion plants for agricultural blown film. The last 5 years saw a growth in demand for multilayer lines capable of producing standard films for greenhouses and barrier films with stabilizing, photoselective, strength-, flexibility- and permeability-improved properties, extending film life under hostile weather.

The developed line is particularly flexible thanks to innovative process solutions. This allows for production of films for e.g. flexitanks, silobags, fumigation and container liners, with a five- or seven-layer barrier structure. The end products get an outstanding impermeability to gases, making possible better storage/supply of goods traditionally considered as easily degradable (grain, palm oil, fruit juice and pulp, wine, etc.)

The production range of Bandera agrifilm lines is as follows:

Film structure: 3, 5 or 7 layers
Film thickness: 30...220 μm
Usable width: up to 24 m
Winder: semi- or fully automatic
Die capability: up to and over 2000 kg/h

Bandera will commission five plants within the next 12 months to four customers over different continents. The buyers rely on Bandera brand because of its deep expertize in the sector but also due to the confirmed efficiency of the company's aftersales service.

Bandera develops and manufactures revolutionary production lines 100% in-house in Busto Arsizio (Italy). The current Bandera projects provide the customers with customization opportunities aligned with state-of-the-art technology.


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