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UNION shows a range of extrusion lines this winter

News 11.01.2017

The Italian company plans several shows at its Headquarters in S.Vittore Olona.

From 16 to 20.01.17 the company has on testing a line to produce sheet of PET or PP consisting of single screw extruder TR 150 / 44D with double degassing and mechanical inclined calander with 500 -800-500mm rolls to ensure a flow rate of 900Kg with PET and 700Kg with PP. This is a classic UNION’s line configuration, the most reliable ever, for those who need a flexible line capable of ensuring excellent quality and output.

Another line for R-PET with the revolutionary and proven twin-screw ZP 112 / 52D, 4-degassing and the solid single-screw TR 90 / 44D in co-extrusion, ready for testing from 15 to 20.02.17. The line is capable of producing 1700 kg/hr, useful width 1650mm and thickness from 0.18mm to 1.6mm.

Continue the success of the R-PET lines with the revolutionary twin screw ZP 112/52D, 4-degassing and the strong single screw TR 75/44D in co-extrsuion. New line on test from 1 to 10.02.17, able to produce 1500Kg/hr, useful width 1350mm and thickness from 0,15mm to 1,5mm.


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