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New BKG® NorCon™ EMR and XMR screen changers from Nordson provide cost advantages

News 29.12.2016
News EMR XMR ScreenChanger

New-generation manual screen changers from Nordson Corporation reduce by 50% the force required for switching screens on the extrusion line, making easier a task that used to challenge the strength of some machine operators.

Like standard manual screen changers from Nordson, the new BKG® NorCon™ EMR and XMR models provide a less expensive alternative to stationary screen changer systems. The operator replaces a contaminated screen with a clean one by turning a handle or lever that activates an indexing system. The new EMR and XMR screen changers contain a ratchet mechanism that reduces the force required to turn the handle. This mechanism can also be retrofitted onto corresponding standard models, EM and XM, at either the customer’s plant or a Nordson technical support facility. While EMR and EM units are for use with extruders sized in inches, the XMR and XM units are for metric equipment.

As an example of the reduction in screen-switching force, tests by Nordson showed that the NorCon EMR-35 unit requires 25 lb. (111 N), as against 50 lb. (222 N) for the EM-35.

“By means of a simple swing of a handle during routine shutdowns, NorCon manual screen changers quickly bring clean screens on-line, minimizing costly downtime by avoiding need for line disconnection,” said Christian Schroeder, global product manager for melt delivery products. “The force reduction provided by our new EMR and XMR models make screen changes even more efficient while improving the working conditions of machine operators.”

Available standard NorCon manual screen changers range from 10 to 65 inches for EM units and 30 to 120 mm for XM units. EMR and XMR models are available in most of these sizes. 


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