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Friul Filiere reports good results of K 2016

News 15.12.2016
tubeasy live demonstration

“The number of deals, as well as the many concrete enquiries about new projects exceed general expectations on K2016! It was clear from day one that customers wanted to not only find out about new technologies but also purchase them”.

Friul Filiere confirms its positive result and it’s proud to say visitors have been its welcome guests travelling from more than 60 countries around the world.

“The number of visitors has been important-says Mr. Valdi Artico, President and CEO-but their willing to invest in new projects in the short term has been even more important. Since almost 40 years we are dealing with all countries around the world and we are ready to give customized answers and complete projects adding value to our customer’s product”.
Friul Filiere has taken the opportunity to show its most attractive news, first of all TUBEASY-last patented technology dedicated to the pipe world: easy and simple, it takes only two screws to reach the perfect centring. Thanks to this technology the starting phase of production becomes fast and it is possible to save time and money reducing the scraps.


“We were very excited at the positive response TUBEASY technology received: the live demonstrations that took place three or more times per day, were always very crowded”-continues Mr. Artico. TUBEASY seems to be intitled to become one of Friul Filiere’s highlights of 2017.

But it’s not the only one. The most recent complete plants carried out for international customers have been presented in Duesseldorf and they concern high-tech solutions dedicated to the production of:PA66 thermal break profiles for windows sector; PU profiles for industrial machinery; coextruded and sheathed microducts for telecommunication; profiles and panels for prefab houses; alveolar pipe for agriculture.

“K2016 has confirmed that customers appreciate very much the possibility to have only one referent able to carry out their turn-key projects-says Mr. Artico-. We can help them starting from consultancy service about formulations and materials, developing dedicated solutions,up to the delivery of a complete extrusion plant”.

The displayed extruders and the new range of energy saving coextruders that has been introduced during K fair have anticipated the great news of 2017: Friul Filiere will present a totally new extrusion line to meet the most demanding requirements and face new challenges for special profiles and pipes.


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