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Precision Speed and Length Measurement (down to Zero)

Zumbach LSV 2000 RGB

LSV 2000 Velocimeter

Precise knowledge of length and current speed is a key cost and process optimization factor in the production of sheet goods and cables. Wear and slip push material costs up, but companies today can no longer afford to produce rejects. Quality is in demand – From the outset.

The LSV 1000/2000 velocimeters from ZUMBACH support manufacturers when monitoring quality in steel, cable, wire and tubing production. They exceed the performance of conventional contact-based measuring methods, at the same time offering maximum robustness with minimized maintenance requirements and costs.

The compact device provides length and velocity data quickly and reliably for both process control and cut-to-length applications. Precise detection of very small movements is possible because the measuring accuracy is not dependent on the speed. The LSV 1000/2000 makes it possible to:
• Rapidly adjust the desired measuring field: The device is a compact all-in-one system and can be easily integrated into production processes. The visible lasers simplify alignment in the measuring field.
•  Measure immediately – with mobile or remote monitoring: Recalibration is superfluous. Its low weight of just 4.3 kg and the supplied mobility kit allow rapid mobile deployment as well as the connection to a laptop. The sensors are immediately ready for use and feature a universal power supply and a LAN connection.
• Optimize production processes – irrespective of the surfaces, materials and temperatures: The LSV length and speed sensors can be used in a huge array of environments. They are robust enough to supply reliable results even in adverse conditions: the LSV 1000/2000 measure reliably on virtually any surface, e.g. steel, shiny aluminium, oily sheets, wire and cable. Certified for protection classes IP 66 and IP 67 (in acc. with EN 60529), the robust sensor technology ensures reliable operation even under harsh conditions.
• Communicate effectively: The rapid, state-of-the-art signal processor is equipped with a powerful command system for efficient system communication via serial or Ethernet interface.


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