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Complete Extrusion Plant for the Production of Thermal Break Profiles

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Thermal break profile

Friul Filiere SpA has realized for an European customer a Turn-Key project for the extrusion of thermal break profiles in eight strands. An excellent result considering the particular characteristics of this material. PA66 25% GF is a nylon (in this case reinforced with 25-30% of fiber glass) with very high processing temperatures which entail calibration difficulties. Furthermore, the reduced tolerances (in the order of hundredths) which requires their application within windows and the production of eight profiles simultaneously, further complicate the extrusion process.

The plant ensures the production of eight profiles at 2 mt/min (90 kg/h) and it is composed of a single-screw extruder Omega80 with PLC, in which the raw material arrives already dried, and classical downstream with insertion of auxiliary machines. A gear pump helps the process stability but the material flow is constant and homogeneous, despite the complexity of the eight strands, thanks to the special technology Friul Filiere applied to the die. Furthermore Friul Filiere’s calibration technology is able to work easily without any need of intensive cooling devices. The control of the eight strands is assured by a dedicated calibration system with die-calibrator centering which allows a perfect alignment and facilitates the positioning of the profiles.

The flexibility of the extrusion plant has allowed the insertion in line of a sand­blasting unit and a glue insertion system. The sandblasting unit prepares the profile surface that will be varnished together with the window frame, allowing a better accession of the varnish. The glue insertion system assembles the glue wire into the profile automatically, unwinding it from 16 small coils. The extruded thermal break profile presents mechanical characteristics of resistance similar to aluminum but ensures high thermal insulation performance.


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